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Get To The Top 10 Website Search Engine Rank in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Selecting the right keyword for web SEO Optimization.

    Select your keywords carefully. This most important step of the SEO determines the success or failure of your endeavor. Choosing an ineffective keyword means you are doomed for failure right from the start. Your goal is to find popular keywords and phrases related to your business, then research the search popularity and competition number of every keyword. You want to find the keywords with more popularity and less competition will be your targeted keyword phrases.
  2. Optimize your website ranking factors.

    Next, you should optimize your web site to improve search engine positioning. These include website title tags, meta keyword tags, description tags, link url, heading text, image alt, link text, comment and web page body text. Know that every keyword frequency, weight, size, prominence and proximity affect the ranking. You should optimize all these factors carefully. Learn from the top 10 ranking website content and ranking factors.
  3. Submit URL to search engines directories.

    This involves submitting all your web sites to Google, Yahoo, MSN, DMOZ and the other major engines. I recommend Manual free submission. Manual submissions are more credible and reliable than auto submission. Submitting your URL to all major directories will increase your website importance and ranks
  4. Link Exchange and Manager.

    Link popularity is about the total number of websites that link to your web site, and is an extremely important method of improving your site’s relevancy and position. Many engines are using this information as an important ranking criterion. Be aware that both the quantity and quality of link popularity is important. The best links are links from web pages that relates to your keyword or topic.
  5. Monitoring and Re-Optimizing.

    A webmaster should always check website positions in search engine position of your targeted keywords. If any dissatisfaction occurs, you need to do more SEO to achieve higher search engines ranking position. By following these simple 5 step plan, you do not need to hire a SEO expert to do it. You can be your own SEO expert and produce results just as any expert could.

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