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Discovering Your Google PR (Page Rank) Value

It may seem that quite a lot of people do not know how to find out how Google ranks your website. Google uses PR (Page Rank) to work out how important your website is. I will not describe what PR means in this post, as I have already touched on this in my previous posts. In a nutshell, PR varies from 0 to 10, where 10 means your website is valued greatly.

Easiest way to find out your Google PR is to download the Google toolbar and install it. As you browse through websites, the toolbar will automatically tell you the PR of the website you are visiting.

If you do not wish to download the Google toolbar you can use other free website such as PR where you simply type the URL you are interested in and get back the PR.

Sometimes, PR values can vary, this maybe caused by results from different Google datacenters, where data has not yet propagated and there is a mismatch. If you wish to find out your PR across the different Google datacenters, then use a webtool like the one found in Directory Vault.

These tools I have mentioned in this post are all completely free to use. As a side note, remember it can take Google quite a while before it assigns your website a PR if you have only recently published it.

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