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Boosting Digital Marketing Returns On Twitter

While some brands do extremely well on Twitter, others may learn that their tweets are not reaching their targeted audience. If you want digital marketing results from Twitter, it is important to get serious about your marketing efforts. Instead of grumbling that social media is useless, it is important to integrate your Twitter messages with the rest of your digital marketing campaign.

Below are five ways to boost your digital marketing returns from Twitter:

  • Be authentic: When you send tweets, do so with a human voice expressing real emotions. If you show yourself to be a marketer looking to pounce on customers with a digital marketing message, you will most probably be rejected by users. A great way to seem ‘real' is to create social media guidelines for your employees, with instructions on how to identify themselves and interact with customers.
  • Give users interesting information: The worst thing you can do is create an automatic feed of digital marketing content, which is being already distributed on another social networking website. If you want to increase your follower count, create a stream of timely information and special offers, which are available exclusively on Twitter. This will make your tweets stand out and offer value to your targeted audience. You should also consider following all users who have followed you, so that you can communicate with them better.
  • Create separate accounts: People on Twitter usually do not like their stream to be filled with irrelevant digital marketing messages. Hence, companies should create separate accounts for different digital marketing purposes, so that users who follow a particular profile will know what kind of information to expect from it. For example: customer service, special offers, company news etc. While creating such accounts it is also important to keep branding consistent.
  • Be a part of the community: Show your followers that you are a part of the Twitter community, by participating in hashtags and Twitter chats. The best way to expand your digital marketing reach is to use relevant hashtags in your tweets. You can also choose to share expert knowledge about your field by joining Twitter chats on your area of expertise.
  • Publicise your Twitter profile: Use both offline and online media to promote your Twitter presence. This includes your website, newsletters, office stationary, blogs, auto responders etc.

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