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Using Online Virus Scanner for Free – Taking Advantage

These various online scan for virus products are standalone programs that usually run using a similar engine. Every once in a while, the developers create additional features and applications which will make it distinct from other competitors to get ahead of the competition. You'll find features which allow the person to determine the scan time and detection rate, remove detected viruses, and scan for signature database of smaller size, rootkits and spyware scanning. There are several others that have become popular to users.

But, what we need to understand is the fact that online scan for virus is somehow not the same as the antivirus software we install and use on our PCs. Naturally, you can find benefits it provides however, you can also find drawbacks that go with it.

The Advantages - the good aspects of Online Free Virus Scan

  • Everything is actually for free.
  • Each time you're going to do scanning, you can be certain that you're running on the most updated virus threat database as provided by the developers.
  • Many options of virus scanner products. Usually, antivirus installed in PC can only be one but with online scanner, you can try any product you prefer.
  • There will be times that the standalone product you downloaded on the PC is infected by malware. When this occurs, you are sometimes not permitted to uninstall and reinstall again since there are viruses which can be smart enough to stop this. This leaves the online virus scan your best option.
  • Because it's online, it does not consume any of your window registry space and will not do any changes on your configuration.
The Disadvantages - some disadvantages you might encounter
  • Since it is online, it needs excellent internet connection. When the internet decelerates, it can be ineffective.
  • When you are looking for proactive scanning, you possibly can only have this feature from standalone virus scanners. Online software will not shield your PC from potential threats. It can only detect virus and remove them and not see potential threats. After scanning, there's a possibility of being infected again.
  • There are other viruses residing in the PC that don't allow online virus scanner in to the hard disk thus the detection will not be complete.
  • What usually happens is that the online scanner found less malware as compared with that of the standalone antivirus software.
  • You should be using Internet Explorer with ActiveX to run most of the online scanners.
In conclusion, you need to use online scanners but not on a regular basis, simply to make certain secure and safe online scan for virus. Better test both of these types so you can discover for yourself.

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