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Top Spyware Removers Review

I have been a victim of hackers in the past who have stolen my personal information and since then i have gone through a legal battle to once again secure my financial privacy. So I have recently been investigating the best spyware remover programs available today.

My researching has found that not all Spyware removers are created equal. Some miss highly risky software and are not up to date with the latest dangerous spyware. Many people don't realise the importance of keeping their computer clean of spyware.

Spyware installs itself and takes information from your computer without any conformation from yourself. It can steal any info from your comp such as credit card details, passwords, emails, you name it they can access it.

These sorts of things are impeccable to stay secret and private.

Spyware is known as the top threat to your computer and over 90% are infected.

Spyware and computer viruses are not the same thing. A spyware remover will not guarantee to keep your computer free of all viruses. Some spyware is verified as a virus and some are not.

A spyware scanner is the best way to protect your computer from criminals, but it isn't a complete solution. Although if you choose not to have a spyware remover, all of your personal information is at high risk and will also result in your pc running much slower and could even have a complete crash and breakdown.

Brand new computers that have never been connected to the internet can also be at risk as spyware can be in software and programs that were installed by the manufacturers. This is why you have to take the time to investigate the best possible protection for your computer.

Myself along with some associates decided to test the top spyware removing programs by infecting a half dozen computers with many different Trojans, dialers and worms. Immediately we saw a major impact on the speed of the computers.

Then we tested them on many different factors such as, flexibility, ability to remove all worms, stop dialers from sending info, prevent browser hi-jacking, ability to remove Trojans, delete tracking cookies, correct errors cause by spyware, how well they provide support to their customers, stop and prevent key logging tools, protect and remove root kits, stop pop up adds and remove adware, remove all malware, how user friendly the program is to novice users.

Then we composed a rating based on those criteria.

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