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Storage management - The Essence Of Good System Management


If you need to expand the storage on your systems, how do you go about it?

Storage management is the essence of good system management. You can store all your data carefully if you start the process sooner. Do not delay.


Companies all over the world are spending money trying to increase their storage capacity because increasing the storage levels on the computer will lead to better storage management of data that the company needs to store for future use. The memory requirements of the company will increase with time. The volume of e- mails keeps rising with each passing year. The number of users increases. If the data is stored on the hard disc drives, it will slow the systems down a lot. Therefore, there should be some kind of system in place where the data can be shifted to another drive and archived there so that it may be used when necessary and at the same time, this archived data will not interfere with the normal working of the computer.

There should be a kind of data management that comfortably moves data from high cost to a low cost storage media. There are high speed storage devices such as hard disc drive arrays and slower storage devices like optical discs and tape drives.

Storage Management - Maximise Storage Of Data

Usually data files that are frequently used are stored on disc drives. They are moved to tape if they are not used for a certain period of time. If a user uses this data again, it is moved back to the disc storage. This saves the systems from getting overloaded. Data is stored in convenient places.

HSM is used for deep archival storage of data. Here the data is stored for a long period of time and at extremely low cost. Then the disc cost is greatly reduced.

It is a fact that storage and protection of data is of utmost concern of the management for huge IT companies that have immense data to store in their systems. With the proper storage management facilities you can maximise storage of data to your benefit. Data is growing at 30 to 60 percent per year. How do you solve this data growth problem? That means you need an efficient data storage and management system in place. The system should be one that is efficient as well as cost effective. Maximise your storage and make life easier.

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