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Make Bright Career With Security Plus Certification

In the technological era more people are using internet and such other gadgets regularly. Growing demand of such technology makes it more competitive, also as you know everything has its positive and negative aspects. Internet is also being misused, hackers are stealing information and misusing that to make money. Nowadays hacking becomes one of the biggest problems in the world and that's why security plus certification becomes more demanding career.

As people are being more connected via internet and exchanging their information through email and websites. Social media websites are also being popular among people and more people are sharing their content over these websites. And this growing internet popularity increase chances of hacking, similarly career opportunities in network security is growing day by day. If you are planning to make a career in this field then you need to be careful to choose the right path.

CISSP: It is usually considered as the hardest security plus certification program but the most regarded certification as well. If you are thinking how it is hard then let me tell you that without five years of security specific experience you are not even eligible. Also you need an endorsement by someone who can attest your qualifications and experience.

Even you cleared exam of certification, you still may be audited by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2. It can investigate your experience and you need to recertify after every three years.

SSCP: The Systems Security Certified Practitioner is another hard certification by (ISC)2. To enroll in this program you need to clear an exam and required endorsement plus possibility of being audited. The major difference in this certification program is it requires only one year experience and your knowledge base is expected to be smaller. Exam for this certification is also easier but still SSCP is a solid first step for a great security career.

GIAC: One of the major vendor-neutral certification organizations is the SANS Institute that offers this certification program globally. Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) is a multiple level certification; first level is Silver Certification that you can earn by passing single exam. Next is Gold certification, it requires written technical exam in your area of expertise. Earning this certification will add value for your career growth.

Then you can move ahead for Platinum Certification. Platinum Certification requires a proctored, 2 days lab practical after earning Gold Certification. And one thing you should know that you can give this certification exam at only certain time of year.

CISM: The ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) govern the CISM (Certified Information Security Manager), the certification required similar experience and qualification as for CISSP. You should have 5 years of experience and need to clear one test. The major difference between two is you should continue your education every year. The ISACA is more popular for its CISA certification but CISM is gaining popularity among people.

CompTIA Security+: In this certification you need to give a 90 minutes exam with 100 questions. And if you don't have any experience then don't worry you can join it, however it requires 2 or more years of experience. Because it is an entry level certification so you can join this without any experience. Value of the certification is limited but you can enter in the security network world.

For a great career you can choose one of the best security+ certification programs for you. But consider qualification or requirement for particular certification closely. Before you choose any program consider your eagerness towards this career and your present qualification so that you can choose the right certification program. Remember a right decision can help you to achieve your life's goal while a wrong decision can ruin your career.

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