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PSD to CSS: How you can convert PSD to CSS Successfully?

This is very imperative to understand that why to convert PSD to CSS? Well, PSD to CSS makes the web page extremely easy to access and also boosts the speed at which the page loads on web browsers. Most web designers around the world adopt this technique to streamline their websites and to make it appealing to users. One of the reasons for PSD to CSS conversion is simply to separate the presentation aspect of a web site from the content part. This allows you to efficiently add content to the website and maintain the consistency at the same time.
Furthermore, PSD to CSS XHTML conversion makes the website better on the SEO count, as search engine crawlers find it easy to scan the website and provide higher positions on the search engine ranking. PSD isn't a search engine friendly format, but this conversion enables you to retain visually appealing looks and at the same time make the website search engine friendly for major search engines – Google, Yahoo and Bing.
The CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets is one of the most important components of a website as it allows to easily linking with other documents of the website. It also allows you to retain control over the various elements on different web pages of your website. It simply defines the structure and content presentation of the website.
Tips to Convert PSD to CSS Successfully

  • Design a website on the Photoshop by considering all the needs of your business. In this step you need to plan for the long term as you wouldn't want to keep on changing the look and feel of your website continuously.
  • Once you have created the PSD file or any other image file, you need to slice them precisely, thus forming different elements of your website. This may include the banner, the background and buttons of your website.
  • In the next step you convert all the individual elements into HTML as both the CSS and HTML are inherently linked to the proper functioning of a website.
  • Once you are done with the conversion, you need to test the website on all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. This is to be done in order to ensure whether the website is fully functional on all the browsers or not.
From the mentioned points, you will surely understand that converting PSD to CSS isn't a child's play and requires a lot of expertise on developers' part. You can get it easily done by outsourcing your projects to expert developers who ensure high quality outcome which also adds to the profitability by making the websites search engine friendly. These agencies also offer you a constant support service, so that to keep your website in tune with technological advancements. You can get it done by merely sending the PSD file or a JPEG file to such development firms.

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