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Benefits of ASP.NET over ASP Web Application

With the development of.NET technology, many online business owners demand for migration of ASP to ASP. Net. The reason might be that this latest version of ASP allows programmers to develop more robust, scalable, reliable, and secure software as compared to the software developed by using ASP. By using ASP.NET, web programmers develop software that can easily be incorporated with any application that supports CLR (Common Language Runtime).

ASP .NET web application framework has been developed with superior features that allow easy development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services.

Some major benefits of migrating ASP to ASP.NET are mentioned below:

  • ASP.NET supports event driven programming. Web pages which are developed using ASP.NET code can display events on the web page. The codes handle options like load, click, change etc and hence, make coding much simpler and organized.
  • ASP.NET has the feature to automatically expire and refresh data from the cache. It allows fast recovery of web pages as compared to ASP.
  • ASP.NET performs dynamic compile execution of code. It can automatically detect changes in the code and enables storage of the compiled code in memory to meet the future requests by the web server.

Besides the above mentioned advantages, ASP.NET applications have the capacity to handle more number of requests as compared to the traditional ASP application. In order to meet the business automation challenges over the Internet, many business owners look for web developers to migrate ASP to ASP.NET. Highly skilled web developers utilize .NET framework to port ASP to .Net, such that compatibility issues between the existing system and the .NET system are minimized.

Apart from changing the file extension from .ASP to .ASPX, there are many other levels of porting that needs to be applied while migrating ASP to .NET. In order to make the web application adjustable to the .NET technology, it is necessary to hire .NET migration services from reputed web development companies.

If you are looking for migration of web application from traditional ASP to the .NET platform, then opt for migration services provided by offshore web development companies. The offshore web developers/programmers will offer you best web-based services in least possible time.

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