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AIM Profile Screenname Viewer As A Component Of AIM Profile Designs

AIM profile designs provide us with new possibilities. And this Aim Profile Screenname Viewer tutorial will show you how to make a script to see who has seen your AOL Instant Messenger profile.

Part I - Creating the flat file
First, make a file called "sn.html" inside a folder (I've chosen my database folder even though this is a flat file). Leave it blank. Be very attentive while making changes to AIM profile designs.
CAUTION: IF you have access, you MUST give the IUSR_ user read/write permissions to the file. Otherwise, your host probably has it set to that already.

Part II - Creating the viewer page
Now that were done, we need a page to view the screen names, as well as input them. Here's the code:

Dim fileLOC
Dim ScreenName
If request("sn") <> "" Then
ScreenName = Request("sn")
Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
fileLOC = Server.MapPath ("db/sn.html")
Set File = objFSO.OpenTextFile (fileLOC, 8)
File.Write("" & ScreenName & "<br>" & vbcrlf)
Set objFSO = Nothing
End If

And there's your code. objFSO loads the file using the FileSystemObject for appending (notice the "8"?), writes the screen name, followed by an html linebreak "<br>", and "vbcrlf" is the VB's command to go to insert a line break within the html file. It's important to close the files and set the objects to nothing, or else cpu time will be wasted even long after the user as closed his/her browser, shut down his computer, and fallen sleep.

Part III - putting the link in your profile
Now, put this piece of code in your profile by going to My Aim > Edit Profile in AOL Instant Messenger and inserting this link:

<a href="" target="_self">Click Here to See Who's Seen My Profile</a><br>
To see who has read it, just erase the "?sn=%n" from the url, or go to your "db/sn.html" page.

We hope that our tutorial on AIM Profile Screenname Viewer will be of a great help for you as we strive to give useful advices on AIM profile designs.

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